We’re surrounded by promotional material everyday; advertisements, business cards, websites and newsletters (sound familiar?). But what makes your material stand out from the res?

One of the most important things to remember when creating promotional material is to keep the audience in mind. Let’s focus on brochures, when putting together brochures put yourself in the reader’s shoes and consider what they may be looking for when reading your leaflet. Be concise, use language that they will understand and avoid jargon. Interesting images will attract and retain attention so choose pictures carefully.

To create a strong, memorable identity, customers need to be able to recognise you instantly. The best way to do this is by keeping all of your material consistent.

If people continue to see your brand name in a certain colour, font and logo they will begin to associate those elements with your business – making it memorable.


A brochure can be a very useful marketing tool. It’s something physical that you can give people to take with them so it’s a constant reminder of your business. Even if it’s just sitting on the coffee table at home or their desk at work – they will see it.

If you’re looking at putting together brochures or other marketing material give us a call to make a time to chat about your ideas.