Planned Marketing

Planned Marketing

You hear the word ‘marketing’ flying around all the time but what does it really mean? The word ‘marketing’ can put people off because it’s been so misused in the past. This being said, having a marketing plan is important for a business of any size and helps to:

  • Anticipate future trends & plan responses

  • Launch new products and services

  • Achieve a strong customer focus and increase retention

  • Build a stronger business

Planned Marketing

To create an effective marketing plan it’s important to first establish where you’re at with your business. Businesses often make the mistake of choosing a marketing activity without even considering what they want to achieve. Once you have this established you can begin to plan where you want to go and what marketing techniques you need to get there.

A fundamental part of marketing is understanding your customers’ needs. Think about your past experiences – there are times when you’ve received such great customer service you’ve left a business feeling like you want to go back there. It’s been said that businesses with a strong customer orientation achieve above-average profit margins and growth in the long run.

Marketing can be a powerful tool if used correctly. We offer a ‘Marketing Audit Service’, which will take a look at your business, what you are doing, examine the effectiveness of current promotional activity and then go on, working with you, to formulate a plan for achieving your promotional goals. If you would like any more details about this service please call or drop into the office at 1148 Victoria Street.