How do I improve my About us Page?

How do I improve my About us Page?

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Improve your About Us page

In this demonstration we have focused on the 'About' page of the website. By making the page layout less structured, adding an extra image and changing how the text is presented, you can transform a page in only a matter of minutes.

The two pages in this demonstration have been created online on our

Before is

After is


Step 1 - Text As Blocks

Each of the paragraphs of text was set into its own text tag. This is a case of creating the new text areas and then deleting the original. Wait until you have created all the new individual text blocks before deleting the original, or copy and paste it into your word processor to ensure you don't lose the text. This has been done to make the text easier to position and to allow the insertion of additional content.


Step Two - Page Layout

In the navigation area we have changed the layout of the page to be 'two column, main left' not full as it was before.


Step Three – Sub Heading

The sub heading will focus the eyes of your viewer on the subject of the next part of the page. Make these interesting and descriptive.


Step Four – The Right Side

As you can see in the right side of the page we have moved the images of the owner and the office and added a small text block between the two. The titles under the images are entered in the image detail in the admin area.


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Step Five – Main Area

Within the main areas, as well as the sub headings we have added a bulleted list. This is very useful to disrupt the flow. If people get into the habit of simply scanning the page the bullets help them to refocus.


Step Six – Another Image

The addition of a team photo helps to enhance the image of your business. The team, with the main business owner within it show that you are not just a one man band. This will help viewers to see that they are working with a team of people not just one pe


Step Seven – Call To Action

Don't forget to add a call to action. This is normally placed at the bottom of the page (or quite near to it), but on this occasion I have put it in the right hand column, and then reinforced the action by pointing out the easy to get to and free parking


Step Eight - For more info...

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