This is 'Main content'.

This area is the main content area. Generally it is the largest area of the page. In the 2 Column Equal layout there are two main areas of equal size. One is called 'Main Content' the other is called 'Main Right'.

The area can contain text and images.

This area of the site is where we suggest you put the main 'body copy' information for the page. The text can be enhanced using html code to add such things as bold text and italic text, as well as various other codes including adding links to take the viewer to other parts of the site.

  • Adding bullet points to a page helps to focus
  • To highlight features of your products or services
  • Make people read important facts
  • Which helps to reinforce the message you are sending them.

What ever you write in the main area of your site we also suggest you include a 'call to action' on each page. This is a statement that asks the viewer to contact you in some way.