Location Page

Location Page

The location page is designed to get people to come to you, or to show them you will come to them, or both.

If you are a static business that has your customers visit your offices, surgery, studio etc, the location page should be used to show accurate and concise directions. The FastWeb system allows for you to put a pin into a Google Map so people visually can see where you are. On the mobile version this links to the maps system to allow them to navigate easily.

If you have ever asked for directions at a petrol station it is very rare you get told 'go down North Street for 300 metres then turn right into Victoria Street, go 250 metres down and it is on your right', it is more like 'Go down North Street until you get to the Big Pie Shop and turn right, that's Victoria, after 200 or so metres you will see a big blue building on the right, where you want is next to that on the right'. People tell each other how to navigate by using easy to follow landmarks. You need to do the same. Point out any major landmarks that people may pass on the way to get to your office / salon. This gives them familiar reference points that act as way markers when they travel to you.

Put a picture of your building on the location page, this helps people to recognise it when they arrive.

Location Page

If you have free parking MAKE A POINT OF IT!

Always, always, always, give instructions on where people can park. Nothing worse than a customer being a little late for a meeting to arrive at your offices to find the nearest parking is 300 metres away, making them even later. If they know the parking facilities you offer or are near to, they will be better prepared. Similarly you need to explain bus routes and stops and if the office can be reached on foot.

If you are using your location page to indicate the geographical area in which you operate please let us know so we can adjust the scale of your map, or you might wish to consider creating a map that shows the area you cover in a more understandable way.

Again a text description of your area helps people to understand if you cover their location. i.e. “We cover the east side of Napier, from the railway to the beach', We operate 'Waikato wide'.

You might want to put your opening hours on this page to help people plan their trips and visits.

In business it is location, location, location that is important, you getting your customers to yours, or them getting you to theirs. The idea of the location page is to simply make this easy.